Put Bunions in Their Place!

Let’s face it. Home remedies aren’t solutions. And, while surgical correction is the best way to achieve relief, some bunion procedures can shorten and alter the look of your toe, that may cause pain and other foot-related issues down the road.The LapiFuse™ Bunion Procedure is a new type of bunion correction that not only reduces… Continue reading Put Bunions in Their Place!

Do You Suffer from Hammertoes?

Hammertoes are progressive toe deformities affecting your second, third, or fourth toes. Hammertoes form when your muscles and connective tissues become imbalanced. Normally, these components work together to keep your toes flat and straight. If hammertoes aren’t treated soon after detection, they will likely stiffen. This can lead to serious pain and foot discomfort. Book… Continue reading Do You Suffer from Hammertoes?

Winterize Your Feet??

Winter spells colder temperatures in many places of the world, including Kentucky. With colder temperatures comes enclosed shoes. Enclosed shoes often leads to increased foot problems, such as pain from bunions, bone spurs, abnormally contracted toes (hammer toes), and athlete’s foot. To avoid such problems heed some helpful advice. To avoid pressure against certain areas… Continue reading Winterize Your Feet??

Research in Diabetes

Recent diabetes research shows promise in dealing with diabetes. It may soon be possible to check your blood sugar level by way of you saliva.  Recent studies have examined the ability to measure different chemical properties of saliva, which may mimic blood sugar levels directly.  Research has been ongoing for several years in attempt to… Continue reading Research in Diabetes

Should I Cut Straight Across??

Ingrown toenails are problems most people deal with at some point in their lives.  Information available online as to home remedies include cutting a “V” in the center of the end of the toenail, shoving pieces of cotton under the edges of the nail, and cutting the toenail straight across.  Most all ingrown toenails are… Continue reading Should I Cut Straight Across??