Diabetic? You are not alone…

Diabetes effects millions of people in the world, of all walks of life.  You may not know that many celebrities live with diabetes daily.  These people include: Halle Berry Mary Tyler Moore Patti LaBelle Brett Michaels Drew Carey Sherri Shepherd Randy Jackson Mike Huckabee Larry King Nick Jonas

What You Should Know About Fall Prevention

As we age, the risk of falling increases.  A number of factors contribute to this risk, including progressive weakness of the foot and legs, decreased ability to lift the ankle, causing the toes to drag on the ground, stroke, as well inner ear problems.  While not all of the problems contributing to increased fall risk… Continue reading What You Should Know About Fall Prevention

The Changing Landscape of Health Insurance

Health insurance remains a hot topic both among consumers across our country, as well as among political pundits promising better, broader coverage.  Much of this debate is the result of ever escalating cost of health care delivery.  Over the past 20 years, we have seen more and more direct marketing to consumers.  Pharmaceutical companies, and… Continue reading The Changing Landscape of Health Insurance

Fake Nails for the Summer?

With Summer weather comes sandals, flip flops, and barefeet.  Exposed toes is the norm for many.  Many of those who prefer the sandals and flip flops, however, also suffer from deformed, discolored, or thick toenails.  But what are the options to try and attain a normal appearing toenail when open toe shoes are desired?  Painting… Continue reading Fake Nails for the Summer?

Laser Treatment for Discolored Toenails

Whether wearing sandals, walking around the pool in the summer, or wearing open toe shoes at a wedding, everyone wants their toenails to appear healthy. Fungal infections of the toenails cause the nails to thicken, become very hard, brittle, and discolored; often yellow, green, or black. The cause is more related to genetic predisposition than… Continue reading Laser Treatment for Discolored Toenails

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